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Our pliers are made from chrome-nickel plated cast steel with plastic-coated handles to facilitate handling and protection. Ideal for our sealing products as well as other products on the market that require this tool. They also emboss the seal, to customize it. The dies are interchangeable. The pliers comply to different tests and certifications.


Seal made of aluminium (non-polluting and resistant material). Tamper-proof seal, destroyed with the slightest of handling. Due to its size and methodology, it is ideal for electrical boxes, utility meters, valves, verification and control, despatches. They can be personalised.

Precinto de aluminio
Hilo para precintar


Seal clamp made of plastic (resistant and stable material) and available in different colours. The same clamp is adaptable to different sizes (23 mm maximum, 37 mm maximum, 45 mm maximum). It is ideal for preventing tampering with the opening/closing systems of utility meters, in the couplings of installations...). They can be personalised.


Our sealing twine is ideal for our sealing products as well as other products on the market. We make single-thread twine, doublethreaded twine (plaited twine), in different materials and thicknesses, natural finishes or with fireproof plastic coatings in different colours, delivered in different formats... Our twine complies to several tests and verifications.

Precinto y abrazadera de plástico

INSTALACIONES GATE, S.L., wants to show the policy of orienting its system of organization and work to the full satisfaction of its customers. By Customer must be understood every user or receiver of our products and services, both in the external environment, as in the internal of INSTALACIONES GATE, S.L. The basic guidelines of the Quality Policy of INSTALACIONES GATE, S.L. Which should govern our action, are summarized in the principles set forth below:
* Clients are the reason for our work. We must know, to satisfy them, their real needs and expectations.
* The job well done, at the first and at the lowest cost, should be our objective and permanent attitude. A job well done is the one that satisfies the expectations of the client.
* Improving quality is everyone's responsibility. Do not rest in others to control or make a filter to work done wrong.
* Improving quality is an ongoing process. It is necessary to acquire the habit of permanent improvement, creating a high quality consciousness.
The general objectives of INSTALACIONES GATE, S.L. in terms of quality, are as follows:
* To fulfill the quality requirements expressed by the clients.
* To fulfill the quality requirements established in the current legislation.
The degree of achievement of these objectives will be measured through the contacts maintained with the clients to know Their degree of satisfaction, as well as the claims and nonconformities detected regarding their compliance. In addition to these general objectives, each year the Managing Director, with the collaboration of the Quality Manager, establishes specific quality objectives.

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